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Start Broadcasting Yourself:

Free Auto DJ with VousCast

Want to run your station 24/7 without keeping your computer running? If yes then you need AutoDJ (Recommended). 

How to start Autodj

Log into your Control Panel using the username and admin password (not the source password) we emailed to you. When you first log in after purchase your server will not be running, click on overview then Autodj control upload mp3 songs to the music folder and add them to a general rotation playlist then start the AutoDJ begin streaming.

*You will also need to update these attributes

Stream Title:

E-mail Address:


Website URL:
Source password:

Administrator password:


Don’t need AutoDJ? No problem 

You can broadcast directly from your computer using radio automation software like Spacial Audio’s Sam Broadcaster. However, once you disconnect the live source your radio will stop streaming.

Starting the server

From the left menu under AutoDJ click files in this section you will upload 1 or more mp3 files once upload is complete, click on return and click on “Media” from your list of files drag and drop at least 1 file into a playlist with a general rotation setting click return again.

Now you have files in a playlist click the start button to start the server. If a success message is returned your station is streaming whatever files you placed in the playlist, from there you can add more files and create more playlists, your listeners can now hear your broadcast.

Going live over AutoDJ:

You will need the following:

  • A computer (Windows PC or Mac)
  • Radio Automation software
  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Mixer (Recommended if you plan on taking Live calls)
  • Studio or a quiet room with a comfortable chair

Whichever automation software you use you’ll need to an encoder plugin to connect to the server:

Get to the encoder section of your software and create a new one, select your server type SHOUTcast or Icecast, enter the server address in the host field add the port # enter your DJ username/password (Use a : to combine them, i.e. username:password, Save (This is if your encoder only supports SHOUTcast v1). Start your encoder to go live the transition from AutoDJ to Live source is a smooth fade out/fade in. Make sure you have some audio playing otherwise the AutoDJ will resume control after a few seconds. When you’re finished broadcasting from your computer/studio once you stop the encoder AutoDJ will take over once again.

Supported audio files

AutoDJ only supports mp3 files. If your audio files are not mp3 you’ll need to convert them before uploading them to the AutoDJ.

For best performance on internet radio, pay attention to the following: Must be mp3. Stick to a bitrate equal to or greater than the max bitrate your server allows you to stream at, For best song quality use 44.100 kHz.Do NOT encode your files higher than 256kbps.Make sure there is no silence at the beginning and end of your files if possible.


Note: Use an FTP client like Filezilla to upload large numbers or files bigger than 20mb. You can use the drag & drop function in control panel for smaller files.

Access FTP:

In control panel, click Overview scroll to the bottom click FTP Details. Enter your details into the FTP client login fields.

Setting up Playlists:

As mentioned above go to the media area to drag and drop the files you want to broadcast into the playlists you need. Each playlist can be scheduled by the following settings:

General rotation

Playback WEIGHT determines which playlist plays more often the higher the weight number the more often songs in this playlist will play. AutoDJ will try to avoid playing the same artists too often within a short period of time. If you have multiple playlists with General Rotation you can control which ones play during certain times of the day, for example if you have a playlist for reggae and you set the time for 6pm – 6am and then set your rock playlist from 6am to 6pm and anytime duration in between.

Of course you can set your playlist to play all day if you play only one genre or you want to mix your genres, don’t forget to enable and save your your playlist settings.


A scheduled playlist means the files in this playlist will play play on a specific date and time. AutoDJ cannot automatically interrupt the currently playing song it will wait for the song to finish before starting a scheduled playlist. You can choose to play all the tracks in sequential order or shuffled.


After X number of songs have played or  X number of minutes play a song from this playlist, usually used for Ads, Station IDs, and jingles.

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Registering your station

In, version 2 of SHOUTcast you must manually an AUTHHASH to make your server public in the Shoutcast directory. Unlike SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2 of the SHOUTcast directory requires an account.

By default, the server starts in private mode to change that make sure under configuration > settings > server Overrides you select “public server” to “automatic” or “always,” click update and restart the server.

Go back to server Admin and click Create Authhash follow the prompts to complete your server directory registration. There are tons of other radio directories you can submit your station to start here.


Lastly, never to stream at a higher bitrate than allowed for example if the highest allowed bitrate is 128kbps (recommended) stick to it and advice your DJs accordingly. Violating this rule will get your server suspended possibly without warning, we have a 0 tolerance policy on this, continued bad behavior will get your permanently account closed. NO refund on balance if your account is canceled for rule violations.