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Starting your own radio station easy, here’s how!

47 percent of the world’s population now has access to the internet that means even with the millions of existing internet radio stations out there, it still isn’t too late to start your own station and get your audience. VousCast can help you get started.

How do I get started?

First, you will need a few services and maybe some hardware depending on how involved or how big a station you plan on developing.

    1. * A broadband internet connection
    2.  *A VousCast Media Platform (VMP) Account
    3. Computer/Broadcasting software (Optional)
    4. Mic (Recommended)

  1. Mixer (Optional)
  2. Headphones (Recommended)
  3. DJs/Hosts (Optional)

You will need all of the above if you plan on building a large station with high-quality content and different hosts or DJs. If you plan on broadcasting a mix of talk and music you’ll need to have a good microphone, a quiet room (studio if possible).VousCast Media PlatForm xlr_mic-e1489443823991 Start my own radio station

Depending on which mic you get you’ll need a mixer preferable with USB out to your computer. There are tons of microphone choices out there from XLR (mixer required) USB (mixer not required) or a standard computer mic (not recommended). You can also visit The Music Kitchen for more on microphone choices and other professional sound equipment information.


Broadcasting software, do I need it?

Only if you plan on broadcasting from a live source whether periodically or all the time if so you can choose from free software to the paid equivalent a few examples are:

Free software:

Paid Alternatives:

There are more choices out there a simple Google search can help see features, pay attention to the pros and cons of each software also read reviews carefully before you decide which is right for you.


VousCast Media PlatForm rb Start my own radio station VousCast Media PlatForm radiodj Start my own radio station


VousCast Media PlatForm orderSC Start my own radio station VousCast Media PlatForm orderIC Start my own radio station VousCast Media PlatForm vsh Start my own radio station



What about licensing?

You only need licensing if you plan on broadcasting copyrighted music or speech. We do NOT provide such licenses, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the proper permissions to broadcast the material you choose to stream. Below is a list of authorized copyright license providers.


Region Company
United States Sound Exchange
United States BMI
United States ASCAP
Canada SOCAN
Germany GEMA
Germany GVL
France SACEM
Netherlands Buma/Stemra
Internet Only Radio Stream Licensing


Once you decide, signup for your VousCast Media Platform (VMP) account, choose between SHOUTcast, Icecast or video stream hosting.  Then get ready to entertain and inform.


Ready to broadcast?

Setting up a mixer is recommended if you plan on taking calls live from listeners or conduct live interviews. Or you can upload audio to  AutoDJ and start streaming. That’s only half of the job though, now you have to find your audience.

You should have your own website where you can embed at least one web player, display schedules et. Join Facebook and Twitter and other social networking websites so you can advertise for free gain followers and hopefully grow your audience. Some other directories you might want to check out are:


VousCast Media PlatForm hutbadge Start my own radio station VousCast Media PlatForm streema Start my own radio station VousCast Media PlatForm streammitter Start my own radio station VousCast Media PlatForm tunein Start my own radio stationTuneIn is no longer accepting stations



Now that your station is up and running!

So you’ve launched your station everything is good you are even beginning to gain a following, what now, why not add a few DJs and hosts to your station? If it’s in your budget or maybe you can find volunteers to host programs then great. Adding DJs is easy, from you CP Dashboard got DJ Manager click on add new DJ

VousCast Media PlatForm djm Start my own radio station

Live Stream to AutoDJ

Connect to the AutoDJ port to take over the stream. DJs can also login to this AutoDJ service using their own DJ username and password.