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How to choose the right server for you.

Choosing the right radio server can be challenging but we can help by telling you the minor differences between SHOUTcast and icecast.

SHOUTcast v2 +

  • SHOUTcast v2 works with liquidsoap and sc_trans v2  Autodj which allows automatic transitioning between the AutoDJ  and live sources without manual input from your server administrator. When a live source (DJ) is connected, listeners are automatically transitioned between the AutoDJ  and the live source and the reverse.
  • Your station gets listed in the SHOUTcast directory and other internet radio directories as well.  Possibly exposing your station to more listeners.
  • SHOUTcast is more popular and more widely used by internet radio broadcasters.
  • You can see if users are ripping your stream and block/ban abusive listeners by IP or subnet.
  • Live and historical listener statistics.
  • Now playing/recently played widgets.


SHOUTcast v2 –

  • In order to get listed in the SHOUTcast directory and for your server to be public rather than private you’ll need to create an authorization key (Authhash). This change also forces you to choose only one genre and one sub-genre as opposed to the old directory which allowed station owners to select multiple genres.


Icecast v2 +

  • Icecast offers “fallback mount points” which automatically transfer listeners from the AutoDJ to a Live source and back without manual input from your server administrator. When you connect a live source, listeners will hear what the live source is broadcasting. When the live source disconnects listeners will hear what the Autodj was previously playing unless you skip forward before discounting the live source.
  • Icecast is open source software but still has strong support and is regularly updated.
  • Live and historical listener statistics.
  • Now playing/recently played widgets.


Icecast v2 –

  • You are not listed in the SHOUTcast directory.
  • You can’t ban an IP yourself. (Only we can, you’d have to contact us with the IP you want banned).


SHOUTcast Plans

IF you are more familiar or would like to try SHOUTcast start here, you can always change your server type later however you will have to recreate DJ accounts and update any player links etc.

Get Started

Prefer icecast servers? No problem, start now below.

Icecast Plans

Though there ain’t huge differences between the two server types some people prefer icecast start here if you are one of those people.

Get Started

VousCast Media PlatForm stats Resource Center    Real time listener stats. From the statistics menu choose historical reports, live listener stats and server logs including connection errors and DJ(live source) login errors.