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We offer server plans with or without AutoDJ. Minimum 5 GB of storage space. AutoDJ gives you the freedom to broadcast your music and pre-recorded programs 24/7 without having to run your PC 24/7. If however run a terretrial radio (AM/FM) which runs 24 hours per day you don’t need an AutoDJ server, we’ve got you covered.


AutoDJ Features

  • Web based file Uploader through the Control Panel: Upload your mp3 files to the server add to your playlist using the media library all from your favorite web browser.
  • Media Library: Easily browse and drag and drop files into your playlists for broadcasting.
  • Playlist Manager: This is where you create and manage playlists according to your needs.

While the AutoDJ is a great useful feature you don’t have to use it you can always turn it off and connect a live source to your server if you are the only DJ on your station or if you’re streaming¬† terrestrial radio as mentioned above. You can also use one of our live stream only plans. If however you have or play multiple DJs AutoDJ makes it easy for each DJ to connect to your server and do their set using their own password. And no need to for you to wait around to connect and disconnect DJs manually.