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Chrome & Unsecure Streams

After their last update Google’s Chrome browser, will not allow non-secure (HTTP) streams to play over secure websites (HTTPS) in other words if your website has SSL enabled all audio/video URLs will automatically convert to HTTPS therefore if your stream is not served via HTTPS Chrome will not connect to it leaving your listeners with failed to connect errors.

Chrome in the past like other major browsers allowed you to serve HTTP audio (non-secure) even if SSL was enabled but would warn users of  ‘mixed content’ but it would still play. They’ve taken that away forcing HTTP audio streams to load HTTPS whether the stream is secure or not.

How does this affect you and how can we help?

Just imagine how frustrating it is when you want to listen to your favorite program on your favorite station and it will not load. This is the kind of frustration you don’t want to put your listeners through least you lose them to others. has been providing radio stations with an optional secure stream URL upon request from the beginning, now, this service is automatically enabled when you sign up at no additional cost. With an HTTPS URL your stream will work across all browsers even if SSL even when SSL is not enabled.

Sign up or switch providers to today. Got questions? We’re here with answers, get in touch and find out what Vouscast Media Platform can do for you.

Read more about Chrome’s HTTP/HTTPS changes here.

One more thing, We can almost guarantee that very soon other major browsers will follow Chrome’s lead, don’t get caught without a secure stream.