The FAQs below will help answer some of your basic questions. You can contact us anytime if you still have questions about our services.

**Pre-Sale Questions**

How do I start my own station?

You will need a few items

    1. A broadband internet connection
    2. A VousCast (VMP) account
    3. Computer
    4. Radio automation software (Optional)
    5. FTP Client
    6. Broadcast Mic (Recommended)
    7. Mixer (Optional)
    8. Headphones(Recommended)

Once you have the above that suits your needs you can at least start your AutoDJ and begin broadcasting over the internet.

Do I need a license?

It depends on if you plan on playing copyrighted material. Click here to learn more.

Can I point my own domain to the server IP?

Sorry, we have discontinued this service.

Do you offer web hosting & or Design?

Not directly, VousCast Media Platform only provides stream hosting servers. If you require these services check our parent company G & D Enterprises, Inc.

Is internet radio right for me?

Why not? If you have something to say or music you’d like to share or maybe you’re an awesome DJ and you want to be heard. We encourage you to express yourself. Internet radio broadcasting is right for anyone who feels they have something to share with the public.

Do you develop Apps for streaming?

Yes, we do. We would be happy to develop your App as well. To show our clients how much we appreciate their business existing VousCast Media Platform customers enjoy a significant discount on Apps. Get started here.

**Post Order Questions.**

After my order is complete, what happens?

Once your order is complete within a few hours, we’ll set up your server and email you your access information.

What is your refund policy?

You are entitled to a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours for the following reasons.

  • You must cancel within 24 hours of signing up for our services
  • We fail to provide the service you paid for
    Promotions and specials are excluded from our 24Hours money back guarantee.

You should also read our Terms of Conditions and our Service Agreement for more information.

How do I access the Control Panel?

In your browser address bar enter the server domain we provided you with in your access email include the CP domain and port number. Log in with your admin username and password (Not the source password) and you can manage your servers from the dashboard.

Listener Stats?

Real time listener stats can be found on the Control Panel dashboard, from there you see all your listener stats.

**Questions on getting started**

What is AutoDJ?

AutoDJ is software that allows you to upload mp3 files to your server, which in turn lets your radio broadcast 24/7 without the need to have your computer running 24/7.

How do I start using AutoDJ?

Log into your CP using your admin username & password.  Click AutoDJ Control (from overview)  upload 1 or more mp3 files once the uploads finish, drag & drop at least 1 file into a general rotation playlist.

Now you have files in a playlist start the server if it’s not already running. Your station should start streaming whatever files you placed in the playlist, from there you can add more files and create more playlists, your listeners can now hear your broadcast.

How do I stream from a Live source instead of AutoDJ?

To override the AutoDJ with a live source go to your computer and start your automation software (Sam Broadcaster, RadioBoss, BUTT etc.) start your music and then start your encoder whatever is playing in the player will fade into your stream while the AutoDJ automatically pauses in the background. When you are finished and stop your encoder the AutoDJ will fade back in picking up where it left off.


 Do I need AutoDJ?

Not necessarily, you can choose our live stream only server.

 Do you offer a  Player?

Yes, the Control Panel comes with an HTML5 web player.

 Do You Offer Technical Support?

Yes, free tech support comes with all VMP accounts, calls or tickets welcomed.


Do you have a radio directory?

Yes we do See