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AutoDJ is additional software integrated with the streaming server which gives you the freedom to keep your radio online 24/7 without having to run your a PC 24/7. Even If your radio is a terrestrial station running the AutoDJ in the background is still a good idea in case of a power loss in your area your listeners will remain connected and can listen to backup programming until your station is back online.

Note: The free version of Shoutcast v2.6 is limited to 128kbps MP3 only. Attempting to use AAC or bit rate higher than 128kbps without a Shoutcast v2.6 license (NOT the same thing as a streaming license) will result in sound cuts for both AutoDJ and Live source.  To stream AAC  or use bit rates higher than 128 kbps Shoutcast v2.5 is available, no license required.


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