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DJ Accounts

Creating DJ accounts allows you and others to connect to your server and stream a live source on your radio, to your listeners.

Important: This provides sensitive access to your server. Therefore you must be careful who and how much access is given. Thankfully with our CP you can limit this access.

To create a DJ account make sure you’re logged in as admin. Under the DJ Control Center from the left menu, click Create a DJ Account.

Under: Account Information, enter a username, the password is auto-generated however you can change it to anything you like.

Under: DJ Permissions, You can allow the default settings or change them as per your needs, again we urge caution.

Click the Create button, a new popup will appear on the screen showing the DJ account details you need to share with your DJ.

Note: The DJ Panel URL is not required for connecting to and streaming to the server. The DJ only needs this to update his photo, and personal URLs (like, social media). This is also the only time they’ll need the username you entered earlier. With their username and password, so they can see the stream information on their panel and manage features you permit.



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