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DJ Panel

DJs can login to the Control Pane l with the DJ username and DJ Password from the port 2080. http://ServerIP:2000 or http://example.com:2000

The following Features are available for DJs on the DJ Panel if they have permissions with their account:

  • They can see/change their DJ connection password.
  • They can see/change their profile pictures, profile pictures are showing up on players when a DJ is streaming.
  • They can see if the radio or AutoDJ is online/offline.
  • They can see the HTML5 player on the main page with the album art and they can
  • They can see the song history.
  • If the DJ has permissions, they can control number of on air features like jingles, voice pro, start/stop radio or AutoDJ.

These features are permission based and the radio owner controls the permissions on the DJ creation page.


Be careful on the permissions, you don’t want someone start/stop your radio whenever they feel like it. If you let a DJ go, immediately delete his/her DJ account.

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