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Download/Delete Recording

Login to your Control Panel as admin, use ‘List/Download DJ Shows’ link from the left menu.

Download and backup the recording. You should delete old recordings to decrease your hosting space usage.


Can DJs Download Their Own Shows:


  • Yes! Every DJ can download their own recorded live show from their DJ Panel after the show has finished. Under ‘List/Download DJ Shows’

Important: All recordings are automatically deleted every first day(01) of the month at 23:59. If you exceed your available hosting limit, you wont be able to upload MP3 files to your playlists anymore until you delete some files or DJ recordings.

So check your hosting space usage often. You can find detailed space usage on the Control Panel left menu, ‘View Disk/HDD Usage.’ In some cases you may be able to upgrade to a higher tier and get more disk space.

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