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Azuracast – Media Management

With AzuraCast’s built-in AutoDJ, media management is made easy. Just upload your media and assign it to a playlist, and the AutoDJ will take care of the rest, automatically creating a live stream broadcast that runs non-stop, 24/7.

  • To ensure that your AutoDJ picks up all files in your Media Manager, it’s important to add them to at least one playlist. It’s possible to have media files in your station’s media directory that aren’t connected to any playlist, but they won’t be played automatically.

Uploading Media

-The Web Uploader
To upload media, simply select files or click and drag them into the designated area at the top of the Media Manager using your web browser.

If you have Docker installation, AzuraCast provides a built-in SFTP server that makes it simple to manage your media in bulk. For more information, you can refer to the SFTP Server guide.

SFTP clients

Here’s a small list of FTP clients you can use that are known to work with AzuraCast’s SFTP system.

-S3 Compatible
Stations can utilize S3 compatible services (Backblaze, Digital Ocean Spaces, Linode Storage and S3) to manage it’s media remotely

Auto-Assigning Folders to Playlists

In the media manager, you can assign a folder to a playlist by selecting “Set Playlists”. Any new files added to the folder will be automatically added to the same playlists. The system won’t remove any additional playlists that the media is in, but it will add any missing ones from the folder.

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