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Relay feature means redirection of your radio completely to another online radio on the internet. (Only supports Shoutcast)

Login to your client SP >> use Relay (Redirection) link from the left menu to relay your radio when needed.

Using Relay Feature will ignore all AutoDJ features including on air features until the relay is disabled.

Azuracast – Remote Relays

To send the radio signal created on your AzuraCast installation to a distant source, you should establish a remote relay. There are two main types of remote relay available: One is for statistics only. You can add a relay, but you cannot command the AutoDJ to connect to it. This is useful if the remote relay already connects to your primary station and relays the broadcast itself. The relay’s statistics will be automatically integrated with your other station statistics. The other is a full relay. In this type of relay, your AzuraCast installation’s AutoDJ directly broadcasts its signal to the remote relay, and AzuraCast will then include the remote relay’s statistics along with your other station statistics.

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