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Live Source/DJ Streaming

To connect and stream as a DJ, the AutoDJ service must be online.

DJs must choose Shoutcast v1 protocol or Shoutcast server option on their encoding software. Even if your radio system is Icecast or Shoutcast v2. In the encoder settings enter only the server URL, Radio port number and DJ password. If there’s a username field, leave it empty.

If yo don’t already have radio automation software/encoder download and install any of your favorite stream program to your computer, such as VirtualDJ, Sam Broadcaster, Butt Encoder, Radioboss.

Setup Example:


You only need to enter the following information on your broadcast/stream program, in the encoder or radio settings

1. Radio Option: Choose Shoutcast v1 or Shoutcast.

2. Server URL/IP

3. Password: 1234

4. Port: 6699

5. Configure other settings such as max bit rate allowed by your plan. All other encoder options you requie.

6. Setup your music and start streaming live.



If you have “Enable Streamers” turned on for your station, you can create multiple DJ accounts that can connect and broadcast live audio to your listeners. To ensure a smooth transition between live DJs and the AutoDJ, each streamer connects directly to the AutoDJ software (Liquidsoap). Liquidsoap is compatible with broadcast software that works with either Icecast or SHOUTcast servers. AzuraCast keeps a record of the broadcast history for each DJ that broadcasts live on your station.

If you want to learn more about how to configure popular streaming software, check out the Streaming Software page for details.


Remember, only one source can connect or the server at a time.

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